About RMA

About RMA


The CWU Retired Members Association was formed by retired members of the then ATEA (Australian Telecommunications Employees Association ) a union that represented Technical workers (Technicians) in the Telecommunications and Postal areas of the PMG (later Telecom Australia/Telstra and Australia Post). With Industry deregulation and Union amalgamations the Union is now known as the "COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS UNION (CWU), NSW TECHNICAL AND SERVICES BRANCH. This Union branch now covers Communications Technical workers throughout the industry. The Union is a division of the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union. In March 2013 the CWU Retired Members Association changed its name from the CEPU Retired Members Association to better reflect the Union Name. The Retired Members Association is independent of the Union but maintains close ties.

The objectives of the Association are

(1) To take appropriate measures to secure, maintain and improve the superannuation and pension rights of Association members by direct activity and/or co-operation with organisations with similar objectives, on a non-party political basis.

(2) To provide an accessible forum for discussion of matters relative to the welfare of Association members.

(3) To arrange functions to encourage harmonious fraternisation between Association members.


Membership entitlement shall be available to any former members of the CWU NSW T&S Branch. (and/or its previous names.) Widow/Widowers of Deceased RMA Members retain membership of the Association if desired. Retired Union members of unions that do not conduct an RMA may join after nomination by a member of this association. Membership currently exceed 900 members the vast majority of whom spent the best part of their working lives employed by Telstra (Telecom Australia) or Australia Post.

General Meetings are held monthly, except December and January. The Association provides a monthly newsletter to the membership and organises social outings normally on most months. A Welfare Officer provides support to those members who are in hospital or not in the best of health. A management committee comprising 6 executive and 15 committee members is responsible for day to day functions.

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